Playing sport. Learning to paint. Improving literacy, life skills and more. No matter one’s interests or abilities, The Tertiary PLACE Inc, values life-long learning.
The Tertiary PLACE, also known as TTP, provides post-school learning opportunities through educational, creative, physical activity and life skills programs, both centre and community based. Founded by teachers, TTP offers a “tertiary” feel and experience for adults with disability.

TTP is passionate about assisting adults with disability to maximise participation in their lives and in the community.

Members of TTP are individuals who have a disability or combination of impairments. They have difficulties, such that open employment is not a viable option, and capacities in all areas of life (communication, social interaction, learning, mobility, self-care, or self-management) are reduced. TTP is a community. There is unity amongst Members based on similarities in identity, need or association. This compatibility or unity might be evidenced by prior relationships (e.g., school friends); familial relationships (e.g., sibling); commonality of need/s; similarity of situation (e.g., elderly parents), unity of purpose (e.g., continued learning) or shared interests (e.g., creative pursuits).

Based on years of experience by a professional team of educators, families, and consumers, The Tertiary PLACE supports have been designed to help people with disability:

  •  Achieve quality of life;
  • Discover new abilities and interests; and,
  • Grow skills to support their goals and life focus.

The Tertiary PLACE has been operating since January 2010 and is a registered NDIS provider, guided by the NDIS Practice Standards, Code of Conduct, and Terms of Business. The Tertiary PLACE will work in partnership with you to achieve quality outcomes and positive experiences for all.

Visit the team at site P383 during the Care Expo Brisbane.