The Coastal Caring Clowns believe in the words of the famous circus owner P.T. Barnum “The noblest art is that of making others happy”.

The Coastal Caring Clowns, were established as an Incorporated Not-for-Profit Organisation in 2001 on the Sunshine Coast, in the same vein as Patch Adams in America. Now after 22 consecutive years visiting Hospitals & Nursing Homes and attending community events, it is now a well-established group within the Sunshine Coast volunteering community.

“With over 300 individual Clowning performances in any one year we really do make a difference – to the sick, disabled and the aged. We visit 5 Hospitals including the Palliative care and the Paediatric Wards.  But it also makes a difference to us as Clowns – we start off with a smile and leave ‘beaming’ with the joy we get making people happy” Candy, the President for the past 6 years laughs.

“Where else can you get a ‘legal’ high like that? The Caring Clowns not only give compassion and caring, but they receive it. It is so important in these worrying times to be the exception rather than the rule. If you are a Caring Clown, you forget your aches and pains and put a skip in your step – you feel younger and more vibrant”, Sparkles, the busy Activities Officer said.

It is great to see the faces of the healthcare workers, as well as the visitors and parents when they see Clowns of mature age dressed in colourful and outrageous costumes acting like kids. They can’t help but stop, smile and often join in. The stereotype of being invisible is thrown out the window, and the door, with us. It is a HOOT.

“Once you put the clown wig and make-up on you become a different person. You are invincible. Others feel your caring, but you have to have a BIG HEART.” Says Rocco, the Vice President who has been clowning at Coastal Caring Clowns for the whole 22 years.

If you would like to join this vibrant group of colourful characters please get in touch through their website. You will just need a good sense of humour, your own transport, be available time-wise, be flexible, and be willing to learn the Art of Hospital Clowning from the mentors in the Clown Troupe.

The Coastal Caring Clowns proudly support the Care Expo in Brisbane. They’re looking forward to having lots of fun with the other exhibitors and the attendees.